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Continuing Medical Education (CME) is widely accepted as a means to encourage individual practitioners to maintain and develop professional knowledge and skills keeping up-to-date with latest developments within the field.

When spending valuable time at training events and tutorials, it is essential to ensure that one is attending a high-quality educational program.

The European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH) has been established as an independent accreditation body in response to this need, as accredited events are strictly reviewed by an independent review board and are of the highest quality standards.

Events are reviewed and only the high quality educational ones are granted accreditation.

Why should you collect credit points?

It is important to collect CME credits not only to keep track of your participation in accredited educational activities, but also to strengthen the quality and professional status of the Hematology specialty throughout Europe. By collecting credit points you are demonstrating your interest in life-long learning and the importance of upgrading your knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the EBAH system is linked to the European Hematology Curriculum, so meetings are tagged under sections, facilitating searching for accredited events that suit specific interests and needs.

Stay on course with your professional development!

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